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Akata Witch

Akata Witch - Nnedi Okorafor Brief summary: Sunny is an albino girl growing up in Nigeria, although she has also lived in America. Due to her condition and her being American, she has difficulty fitting in. She becomes friends with Orlu and Chichi, and discovers she is a Leopard Person.I really enjoyed this book. Okorafor's writing style is great--you can tell that this book would immediately draw in the young adult audience it is written for, even "reluctant" readers. The background and all the information on juju and Nigeria was really interesting, and incorporated well into the story. I didn't once feel like I was getting an info-dump. It's also nice to read a fantasy book that draws on non-European traditions. The world-building was well-done, and very realistic, and I appreciated that the characters were well-rounded and so was the world itself. For example, no one in this book is entirely good, including Sunny herself. The Leopard world, although wondrous and fascinating, is also dangerous and brutal in equal measure, so it's not really an escape from the real world, except in that Leopard People don't have to hide who they are while they are there. Overall, really well done. Definitely recommended to fantasy lovers, including those currently mourning the end of Harry Potter.