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Tank Girl 1 (Remastered Edition) (Bk. 1)

Tank Girl 1 (Remastered Edition) (Bk. 1) - Alan C Martin Eh. I bought this for my dude, who was a big fan of the Tank Girl movie, and picked it up last night. Not my cup of tea. I found the artwork confusing and most of the in-jokes tired (although they were probably fresh when they were written.) So, wev. I probably won't read any more. But can I just digress here a minute to say that I don't get it when people go on about how Tank Girl is so feminist? Evidently violent and not prissy makes one feminist. You know, I get it. It's really enjoyable to see a character that's lewd, crude, and rude instead of a girly-girl, especially if girly-girls are all you see. But, and this is the same problem with that dumb movie Sucker Punch, women kicking ass is not default feminism. I mean, both this and Sucker Punch and a whole bunch of other crap I could name are basically male fantasies. Enjoy them if you want, but please don't tell me how feminist they are. You want a rude, crude, violent feminist? Try Hothead Paisan.