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A Family Affair (The Rex Stout Library)

A Family Affair - Rex Stout Notable only for revealing Nero Wolfe's obsession with Richard Nixon, and for a bunch of misogynist BS wherein Archie says Lucile can't be a real "Women's Liberationist" because she washes her face and combs her hair and dresses tidily. Seriously. Then they never go anywhere with it. It has nothing to do with the rest of the story. Now I realize that there's quite a bit of anti-female stuff in these books--hell, Wolfe is a noted misogynist. But Watergate happened in 1973, and you would have thought that by that point, someone would have noted that Gloria Steinem and many other prominent feminists also brushed their hair and wore attractive clothing. Meh. But I can't lie, I love these books, they are quick and easy reads and I love the characters of Wolfe and Archie.